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Episode 264 Seph (Live @ Aula Magna, 09.2012) (Aula Magna, Harry Kl...
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Publish-date-icon September 28, 2012
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this is a special set that we have been waiting for months ...
specially made for us here at NOICE!.... We have always admired this guy and have even had him do a remix on our Label. well, enough out of Me.. get your weekend Properly started with an exclusive liveset from the one and Only Seph.

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sebastian Galante started to study music by playing the piano and percussion at the age of 7. As a young teenager he moves to Norwich, England, and starts to compose simple piano pieces (with an aleatoric improvisation approach), whilst developing his love for urban and dance beats. In 2004, influenced by composers of varied musical areas (from Erik Satie, Kraftwerk and John Cage to Michael Jackson, Bjork and Plastikman) he dives into producing deep and funky techno and electronica.

In 2004 he becomes an electronic arts student, and, with 19 years of age, Seph's debut ep "Goust" is released on Igloo-rec and he becomes one of the label's main faces. He starts to get recognized for his up to 4-hour live sets, playing alongside friends such as Barem, Dilo, etc., and forms an audiovisual duo with Pablo Denegri. 2006 sees him participating in various compilations that group the new argentinean generation of minimal techno artists, such as Post Office Argentina Madness (Telegraph). During the same year he starts to form numerous collaboration projects with Jorge Savoretti, Pablo Denegri and Dilo. After releasing on a wide array of labels like Stock5, Kalimari, Phonocult, 11AM and having tracks included in compilations mixed by DJs like Jeremy Caulfield and Ellen Allien, he makes the label Dumb Unit his homebase, with releases such as his Vodkrens EP and the 2010 critically acclamied debut album Alquimia, putting on the table his mysterious and IDM-driven vision of techno.

During late 2011 and early 2012, Seph releases a few 12" on Cityfox and Harry Klein Records, as well as remixes on various labels from France (Coton Tige), Australia (Open Records) and Serbia (Genesa), topping it off with a solid place on Dumb-Unit's Dynasty Series, collaborating with Jeremy P. Caulfield. Today he focuses on his own label, Aula Magna Records, created with fellow techno-heads Pablo Denegri, Mekas and Qik. A platform for their own electronic obsessions, the first records will be out in mid-2012, setting an initial dub techno stage and moving onto more experimental and noise-driven projects.

Seph has made live shows all over the world in clubs and events such as Cocoliche (Buenos Aires), Fabric (London), Arma17 (Moscow), Harry Klein (Munich), Fuse (Brussels), City Fox (Zurich), Flex (Vienna), Watergate (Berlin), D-Edge (Sao Paolo), Kazantip Festival (Ukraine), Mutek (Buenos Aires), Resolute (New York), SAMC (Buenos Aires), Lantern (Beijing) and Earth Freq (Brisbane, Australia).

Seph - Untitled (Unreleased)
Seph - Unnamed
Seph - AM 02 - A2 (Coming soon on Aula Magna Records)
Kaltes & Ferguson - Elegance is Destroyed (Seph Remix)
Seph - AM 02 - A1 (Coming soon on Aula Magna Records)
Seph - Untitled (Unreleased)
Seph & Jeremy P. Caulfield - Gravitas
Seph - Untitled (Unreleased)
Exploit - Anabolism (Seph Remix)
Seph - Untitled (Unreleased)
Seph - Moon Flare
Seph - AM 02 - B2 (Coming soon on Aula Magna Records)

releases this year:
OUT NOW (2012 releases):

Seph - Suzbu Ep (12" Cityfox) Jan 2012
Seph/ DJ Wild – HK006 (12” Harry Klein Records) March 2012
Saint Schizoide - Canturreo (Seph rmx) (MP3 Coton Tige) Jan 2012
DNA Exchange – Seph – Dienai (MP3 Genesa) Jan 2012
DiF – Zincun (Seph rmx) (MP3 Raised Music) May 2012
DiF – Zincun (Seph rmx) (Cityfox) Sept 2012
Ducerey Ada Nexino – Pollenshed (Seph Remix)(Genesa) April 2012
Pablo Denegri – Mutante (feat. Seph)(Klectik) Jan 2012
Mathias Schaffhauser – Nuevo Romance (Seph Remix)(NOICE) June 2012
V.A – Aula Magna 01 – Seph – Portal (12” Aula Magna Records) June 2012
Seph & Jeremy P. Caulfield – Virtues & Vices EP (12” Dumb Unit) July 2012


Seph – AM 02 (12” Aula Magna Records) Oct 2012
Fjorgenson & Kaltes – Elegance is Destroyed (Seph Remix)(Fine Foods) Fall 2012
& more ... News soon!

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